Nooze & Politics: It’s Bloomberg

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The horror! The horror!

Former New York City Mayor Michael “Soda Ban” Bloomberg has announced himself as a candidate for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination. Bloomberg, the ninth-richest person on earth, also owns Bloomberg News, an enormous media enterprise.

Soda Ban has announced “new rules” for journalists working for Bloomberg News:

No “investigating” any Democrat candidate, especially him.

No unsigned editorials.

The members of the editorial board who used to write the editorials have joined their boss’s political campaign team. It’d be too hard to be on two political campaign teams at once.

I mean, okay, sure, the guy who owns the newspaper is going to have his views represented in it–on the editorial page. Not disguised as factual news reports. I realize that what I’m saying is ridiculously old-fashioned, but I can’t help it–that was how we did journalism, back when I was an editor and reporter. You put the opinion on the opinion page.

But this is breathtakingly flagrant. This is hypocrisy on steroids. Bloomberg Nooze will continue to “investigate” President Donald Trump and any other Republican, but all the Democrats are out of bounds.

Mayor Soda Ban has already spent $34 million on campaign ads, and he’s only just started. He now has made sure that at least one very large news corporation won’t be peering through his keyhole. The others will probably all follow suit.

Our free and independent press pioneered this sort of non-coverage by refusing ever to examine the background, credentials, and character of President *Batteries Not Included. But that’s only because they were so busy praising him.

Is this a shameful age to be living in, or what?

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  1. I just watched an encouraging piece on Fox News. It’s an interview with KT McFarland who just wrote a book called “Revolution: Trump, Washington, and We The People.”
    Her belief is that we as a nation are going through a “creative destruction period,” which happens to us about every 40 years. She says “it’s nasty, it’s mean, but out of it the nation is reborn!”
    She used Andrew Jackson as an example. We threw off the British and became a self-governing nation. Later came the desire to expand the right to vote, Then after the industrial revolution there was discontent because the workers were getting the short end of the stick, so worker protections came into being.
    She says that because “We The People” are in charge, we are the only nation that regularly reinvents itself, and she believes that some good will come out of the current turmoil.
    A voice of hope.

  2. I love America but am ashamed of her current moral condition, especially that expressed in the so-called free press. Christians have a lot of work to do to establish God’s will and kingdom in America. Taking over the realm of news distribution is one worthy goal to have. May the body of Christ give up its dismal “it’s the end of the world” and focus on “it’s time to take advantage of our opportunities as Americans and pray in God’s kingdom” – occupy until I come!

  3. Amen and amen. I couldn’t agree more. We have a mandate from the Lord, and we had better get busy.

    1. Absolutely! It wasn’t until reading the bible for the fifth time that I got up enough courage to read Revelation. I don’t ever want to hear Jesus say to me “I never knew you.” Just the thought makes me radical.

    2. I agree! I was actually thinking in prayer yesterday that those are the most terrifying words imaginable. I would much rather hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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