A Thanksgiving Prank

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This was many years ago, when my folks still lived in town, everyone was still alive, and we had Thanksgiving dinner over their house.

When Patty and I arrived, the family was gathered in the cellar, and on our way downstairs–my mother hadn’t seen me in a week or two–I stopped in the sitting room and picked up two throw pillows. I stuffed one under my shirt and the other into the seat of my pants.

We marched down the stairs, and when my mother looked up and first laid eyes on me… she screamed. “OMG! Oh! Oh!” She was appalled, couldn’t get the words out. How could I have gotten so corpulent, so soon?

Everybody else laughed themselves silly, and my mother was vastly relieved when I removed the two pillows.

Meanwhile, as you read this, we’re probably sitting down for dinner with my brother and sister. Pray we get home all right!

Fun times, those were. How I miss them. We are profoundly thankful for the wonderful family that God gave us.

5 comments on “A Thanksgiving Prank

  1. Yes, I have prayed for your safety on the road, and for an enjoyable day with family.
    I remember so many great family gatherings from my young days. Both mother and dad came from large families, and those times were very lively and enjoyable. There were plenty of cousins to have fun with, great food, lots of talk and laughing, love and excitement.

  2. Both of my parents came from large families. I had nearly 20 cousins. Sadly, my family is much smaller now, the years having taken a heavy toll. I remember some good Thanksgivings while I was growing up. It’s my favorite holiday.

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