Good News from Brazil!

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Three cheers for the president of Brazil!

(Thanks to Susan for the news tip)

We don’t have to be governed by the Far Left Crazy. Our schools don’t have to be devoted to preaching transgenderism. And we don’t have to pour tanker-loads of public money into our so-called universities.

Jairo Bolsonaro, president of Brazil, is blazing a trail out of this “education” wilderness, and he deserves a standing ovation for it ( The news link is from February, so somehow our own free and independent press didn’t pick up on it.

Bolsonaro ran in 2018 on a promise to reform, big-time, Brazil’s public education system–to clear out all “that Marxist rubbish,” he said, and “go into the Ministry of Education with a flamethrower.” His Ministry of Education has eliminated its “Diversity Department”–don’t even ask what that was–and his Minister of Education has vowed to fight the “crazy globalist wave.”

Since then, President Bolsonaro has also launched a program to privatize Brazil’s universities and get government out of education altogether–while fighting “LGBT collusion with state-sponsored education.” Gee, does that sound familiar?

During the 1990s Brazil’s whole education system was dominated by a communist kook and globalist darling who promoted “critical pedagogy”–a euphemism for day-in, day-out left-wing indoctrination of students at every level, every grade. President Bolsonaro was elected to put a stop to this.

As might be expected, he and his policies all year long have been the target of daily protests and tantrums by the usual suspects, “students” and “teachers.” He is not listening to them.

Thank you, President Bolsonaro, for showing the whole world how it’s done!

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  1. Too bad a non-native-born person can’t be President in the USA, or I’d be glad to start a campaign to have him run for the office here when his term is up in Brazil!

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