Snow Cats

Our cat Henry used to blame me if it snowed. He didn’t like to get his paws wet or cold. He’d give me a really dirty look if it happened.

But not the cats in these videos! They’re having a blast.

It is said that President Grant had cats that used to make snowmen. Said by whom, I don’t recall.

7 comments on “Snow Cats

  1. The cats around here don’t seem to like snow much, and those that are brave enough hide in the dog house on the deck. However, when the dog arrives, they decide the snow is better than the pushy dog.

    1. Spending my teens in Colorado’s highly variable weather, I recall a cat my parents had that would go to the front door to be let out and recoil if there was snow and wind; so it would go to the back door, expecting better weather there.

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