Texas ‘Gender Case’: Developing

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Father and son–but for how long?

This is getting complicated, and increasingly difficult to understand.

The Texas judge who presided over a case in October that supposedly gave a 7-year-old boy’s stepmother the green light to have the boy “transitioned” into a fake “girl”–by means of drugs, hormones, and eventual surgical mutilation, and with the boy’s father ordered to go along with this and “affirm” it, or else–well, that judge, Kim Cooks, has been ordered to recuse herself from further hearings (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/breaking-judge-who-ruled-on-7-yr-olds-gender-transition-taken-off-case).

Last month Judge Cooks turned around and awarded the father “joint managing conservatorship” with equal decision-making authority. The stepmother requested the recusal after seeing some of Judge Cooks’ Facebook posts. We have not seen them. Both parents are under a gag order, so that makes it rather hard to see what’s going on here.

A new judge will preside over subsequent hearings.

It seemed to be a done deal until the governor and state attorney general of Texas stepped in to block it.

The “mother” in the case is actually the stepmother, no blood relation to the boy and his twin brother. Shades of the Brothers Grimm. But they never thought of anything quite so monstrous as this.

We pray that the state of Texas will not allow this profoundly evil travesty to be carried out.

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