‘My Spam’ (2012)

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Back when I knew even less about blogging than I do today, WordPress had to work overtime to protect me from being inundated by “spam.” Really, look at all the parasites who’ll use your space for free advertising, if they can.

My Spam

Even so, there is one cryptic message, received seven years ago, that still puzzles me. A short and simple message: “I think I’m pregnant.”

Why tell me?

9 comments on “‘My Spam’ (2012)

  1. Wow, that is a puzzler. Must have been one of those messages that went astray and got into the wrong box.

    1. It took a long time deleting all those hundred spams! Sometimes my blogging friends’ comments go to the spam box, which is annoying!

  2. Yes, spam is a great time waster and nuisance. Sometimes, something useful gets tucked in between the spams and you lose it. grrr

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