Cats React to Cat Videos

For the most part, my cats show little or no interest in video, although they might investigate if it’s really loud meowing or growling. But I am so happy they don’t walk around on the keyboard. I’m sure there’s a little-used combination of keystrokes that gives the computer a command to turn everything you write into gibberish and make his food clay, his drink ashes. A cat, in making his rounds up and down the keyboard, is sure to step on those very keys.

(What made you think I have computer phobia?)

5 comments on “Cats React to Cat Videos

  1. I had one cat that reacted to all animals on TV. He especially enjoyed the old program Mutual of Omaha, that showed lots of animal shows on Sundays. This cat would watch the program intently, then lie down and ignore the TV during commercials. I guess he wasn’t interested in buying insurance.

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