Cats & Christmas Trees: The Disaster Movie

We put up our Christmas tree today (to be decorated tomorrow), and it turned out to be a hard job because the trunk and the tree-stand were only marginally compatible. But we managed it in the end–and then the cats came and slept peacefully under it. They love to sleep under our Christmas tree. They have never attempted to climb one. Never. Gold stars for them.

Handy Hint for When Cats Get Bodacious with the Christmas Tree: a couple of marbles (or quarters) in a tin can, shaken at the right moment, will deter cats from getting out of hand vis-a-vis the tree. We had to do that for Buster’s first Christmas, but he learned his lesson and was a good boy from then on.

7 comments on “Cats & Christmas Trees: The Disaster Movie

    1. Oh, go out and get a turtle! I can’t imagine not having any pets.
      I guarantee a turtle won’t knock over your Christmas tree.

  1. I wouldn’t trust this Aussie dog for a minute. She is the most curious
    animal I have ever seen. The slightest movement, slightest noise and she
    is on it immediately.

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