How Our Dogs Protect Us from Space Aliens

You’d almost think this video was produced by dogs, under a title like “Funny Humans.” I mean, really–we bring these weird little robots into the home, and what’s a dog supposed to make of it? They know those things are unnatural. They know they have to protect the humans from the consequences of their ill-considered actions. These confounded things move around and make creepy noises. Of course the dog is going to bark! And maybe bite, too.

It’s a full-time job, looking after humans.

7 comments on “How Our Dogs Protect Us from Space Aliens

  1. I just found a new Christmas song by Carroll Roberson. It’s Christmas All Over the World. If you have time for any more songs, you might like this one.

  2. Our dog’s reaction to things like this is to just grab it and tear it to pieces.
    My son have her a fuzzy red ball to play with and she stripped it of all the fuzzy covering, then ripped the rubber ball in half and to the trash it went.

    1. I am told I should have given my monitor lizard toys to play with. She would have torn them up–and maybe swallowed them, too. Oh, boy, another expensive vet bill…

    2. My dogs totally agree with you–we humans are a LOT of work to look after. If only we knew how many times they’ve saved us from being murdered by the mailman, FedEx, and UPS drivers! Especially the UPS guys in their big brown trucks with the squeaky air brakes. Can’t be trusted… They’re probably the ones who bring the creepy robots in the first place.

  3. Yeah, probably. Have a good rest, and see you tomorrow. I know that feeling of being worn out. Happens to me daily. Good night.

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