Encore, ‘We Three Kings’ (Jackman et al)

Can these guys sing, or what?

Requested by Phoebe (it’s her birthday, after all), We Three Kings, sung by Hugh Jackman, David Hobson, and Peter Cousen, as part of an Australian TV Christmas special.

6 comments on “Encore, ‘We Three Kings’ (Jackman et al)

  1. I wish they’d left the comedy buildup out of the video, but once they get started, it certainly is a rousing rendition, isn’t it?

  2. Happy Birthday, Phoebe!

    I know they tried to bring a little humor into it but they really sang it good! My pastor recently taught on the significance of the magi and their presence in the Christmas passage. These were gentiles who were guided by the Lord to come and declare the Kingship of this very special child. They stand as a witness of God’s intervention into the affairs of mankind, of all mankind, and how He brought the salvation that we so desperately needed. The magi have always fascinated me. After I became a Christian I used to wear a red button that said, “Wise Men Still Seek Him!” I just loved wearing that. It started a lot of conversations about the Lord.

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