Funny Fish

Okay, they can’t sit in your lap and purr; but you can still have fun with fish. They can even get tame and friendly. My goldfish used to let me pick them up and put them in the sink when I had to clean their aquarium. I always fed them by hand.

And then there are a lot of funny-looking little fish which I imagine one might get attached to, in time.

There are even fish who get to be friends with cats. How is that possible?

3 comments on “Funny Fish

  1. When my two sons were young, they each had a good sized aquarium, and they had a lot of fun with them. The fish would come up to the front and watch them, but they never tried picking the fish up, at least not while I was watching. LOL

  2. Well, it is not an easy task for sure We would place all the fish in one, and then their dad would handle the dumping of water while it was heavy, and I would take it into the big bath tub and clean it. Not fun, but with the right
    stuff, they cleaned up nicely.

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