‘New Words for Liberals’ (2015)

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None of these behaviors has gone out of fashion since I wrote this in 2015; but since then, more leftids have added more violence to their repertoires.

New Words for Liberals

Since Election Night, 2016, they’ve torn off the mask and bared their snarling faces. Somehow their side losing an election gives them license to attack people, either physically or by trying to destroy their victim’s reputation.

Or both.

2 comments on “‘New Words for Liberals’ (2015)

  1. We need to pray this war for ideas going on in America remains in the political realm and not a repeat of the Civil War. Read Ron Chernow’s “Grant” and you will never want anything like that to ever happen again in our fair land.

    1. There aren’t enough libs to go to any kind of war. They just make an awful lot of noise. If people stopped allowing themselves to get bullied by them, things would change in a hurry.

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