Yes, Your Car is Spying on You

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With the help of an engineer who hacks cars’ computers to reconstruct accidents, the Washington Post hacked into a Chevy Volt’s computer recently and found that “vehicles are recording their owners’ every move” (

You name it, the computer records it–where you go, how long you stay, who you call on your cell phone, just about anything that has to do with being in a car. The engineer found that the computer that runs the car’s “entertainment system”–oh, please–is most vulnerable to hackers.

But General Motors would not tell The Post just what information it was collecting. Nor are they saying what they do with it! (Someone really should have asked that question.) Are they selling it? If so, to whom? Who wants that kind of information, besides the communist Chinese government?

Don’t buy anything that’s pitched to you as “smart.” It’ll probably be used to spy on you.

Jesu defend us.

6 comments on “Yes, Your Car is Spying on You

  1. Yes, I hate things labelled “smart”. Like the smart meters placed on your house to measure your electrical use; the bills immediately go through the roof and a lot of them are found to be faulty when customers insist on an inspection. Should call them “stupid” meters.

  2. I’m not concerned about my car taking notes. I’m concerned about whom it shares it with. Yeah, you’re right about using the word “smart” when it means “spy.” Does “spy” now mean “smart”?

  3. I read where New Jersey is allowing law enforcement to use citizens’ cell phone cameras without their permission or awareness to spy in the hope of catching crimes before they occur. Dummy me, I thought we were innocent until proven guilty.

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