Its Grate!! “My Bad’ Theollajy!!!

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So I goed to “a” Sirman tooday!! We was goingto showt and Protets and throe stufff at this Guy, some Revrind Somebody,, but he disstracked us “whith” a Puppet and he like maid the Puppit givve the Sirman and neckst thing yiu “Knew,, we was al lissining!!! And yiu know watt? It was grate!!

Things has chainged up thare in Hevven the Puppit he sayed!! Big huge chainges!!! And al becose a Lot of Collidge Prefessers thay has dyed and goed to Hevven and thay has teetched God a lot Of “new” things!! And nhow he knows he was Rong abote evry thing and he is sari for al themb Misstaiks he maid!!!

This hear it is caled My Bad Theollajy becose nhow God he is saying “My Bad!! i was rong! Nhow i has bin edducated and evry Thing “it” is goingto be Diffrint!!”” and aslo yiu mite as whel get ridd Of “the” Byble becose it is Rong tooo!!!!!!

So nhow thare woont be no moar Chrischins aloud To go to Hevven and al those things “the” Byble toled yiu was Rong, nhow thay are rihght and al themb things it toled yiu was Rihght, nhow thay are Rong!!!!! And al becose thare is so menny Interllecturals in Hevven nhow and “thay” “are” goingto Straiten Hevven Out jist like thay wil Straiten Out the hole Whorld as sooon as ordrinary dum peple thay “reelyze” how dum thay “are” and Start doing watt “us” Interrlecturals we tel themb “To” do!!!!!!

The Puppit he sayed “this hear it is watt We caul being On “the” Rihght Syde of Histry!!!!”! “and nhow God he unnerstans It tooo!!!

And then sumboddy he sayed “Whel watt abuot thare is being No Sutch Person as God?”” but the Puppit he sayed Dontchu wherry abote that,, becose nhow Hevven it is fulll of a lott of Goddisses that wasnt thare befour and aslo a lot of Prefessers and Union Bosses and Demacrats whoo becomed gods too as sooon “as” thay got Thare!!! “Whoo knows?? mayby some Of yiu, yiu wil aslo be gods!!!”

And that it is watt I “caul” Reel Relijin!!!

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  1. I’ve heard some of these “preachers” myself — even at the highest levels of the Church. Funny that you’ve shown one of them as using a puppet when they themselves seem to be sock puppets for their infernal master.

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