‘Memory Lane: Skating in the Woods’ (2016)

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“Skating on the Mill Pond” by Grandma Moses (She knew!)

I wouldn’t trade my middle-class, 1950s childhood for all the tea in China. I certainly wouldn’t trade it for what passes for childhood now.

Memory Lane: Skating in the Woods

But the woods have been hewn down and paved over, the swamp and stream filled in so they could build more condos, the palatial estate so thoroughly erased that only a very few of us remember it ever existed–oh, fap! to all that. We do remember!

You can’t tell us “There is no sun.”



10 comments on “‘Memory Lane: Skating in the Woods’ (2016)

  1. I do so love this painting! ‘They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.’ Sad that such pleasures should now be “nostalgic” – so soon?

    1. All in my own lifetime–they’ve gotten rid of almost every place I ever knew.
      Who’s they? Why, Democrats, of course–you know, the party that loves and protects the environment [sardonic laughter break].

    2. Democrats then: “You have to sign it to read it.” Democrats now: “We have to break it so we can fix it.”

  2. It really is horrific. I’m fortunate to live in a neighborhood where things haven’t changed much, since The Flood, but there are few such places left. I know that visits to my hometown are somewhat shocking and visiting other places I have lived are striking because of all the change. Meanwhile, the “Loving Left”, protectors of the earth, are hastily turning everywhere into Southern California as fast as possible. I spent a week in LA, just last November and can attest that it has become a living hell.

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