‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’ (Burl Ives)

It wasn’t easy to post this hymn. The computer kept giving me “Holly Jolly Christmas” instead. That has now vanished somewhere into cyberspace, and here is Burl Ives, O Little Town of Bethlehem.

Thank you for your prayers, everybody. I should be back to normal sometime this afternoon.

4 comments on “‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’ (Burl Ives)

  1. Oh, I do hope you will be completely well very soon.
    This is a very nice song, sung by a pleasant voice.

  2. Normal is a good place. Rushdoony taught that the more conformed to Jesus we become the more normal we become (insinuating we are not normal in our sinful state). Did I miss Handel’s “Messiah” during the Christmas song contest? If I didn’t, how about playing it now to bring in the new decade of victory in Christ: “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ.”

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