Libs: Only 24%

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Nothing beats logic like a good loud scream!

Here’s a story the nooze media won’t be shouting from the housetops.

According to a new Gallup Poll (sample size: 29,000 persons interviewed),  people who identify as liberals are only 24% of the public–compared to conservatives, at 37%, and moderates at 34% ( That comes out to 71% vs. 24%, with the remaining 5% floating around somewhere in the idunnosphere.

Furthermore, Gallup warns ominously, “the gap is growing.”

But why should libs worry? They own the Democrat Party, our free and independent nooze media, our schools and colleges, and Hollywood: 24% dictates to the other 76%.

Even so, you’d think, with so much power and influence, they could do a lot better than 24%. It must be hard to win over public opinion with ideas that most people think are crazy and spokespersons that most people find obnoxious. Libs have been attacking President Trump day and night, every day and night, since Nov. 9, 2016, and still haven’t been able to turn the country against him.

Y’know, maybe that’s why they act so crazy! Because everything they’ve tried just isn’t working.

The nooze media owned by the 24% does try very, very hard to convince us that if we, personally, are not on board for socialism, open borders, transgender, and letting the UN run our foreign policy, we are in the minority somehow. But we’re not. They are.

The 24% has worked very hard for a long time to acquire the power and influence it now enjoys.

If the rest of us worked half as hard, we’d blow ’em out of there in days.

13 comments on “Libs: Only 24%

  1. I’ve always heard it only takes 10% of an organization to control it. In the 16th & 17th centuries the church was known as the militant church. Today it is known as the milk-toast church, afraid to judge or offend anyone.

    1. There weren’t many Bolsheviks, but they took over the largest country in the world.

      But Russia didn’t have Donald Trump.

  2. The leading clowns in this liberal parade are George Soros and the media. They just pay for walkons and the “pay” is unlimited and relentless. The 24% is much more active than the 71% and therein lies the problem. Such a waste of unused power…

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