‘Wall Street Journal Says “Erase America”‘ (2012)

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They keep telling me the editorial writers at The Wall Street Journal are “conservatives,” but it beats the dickens out of me to try to figure out what they’re conserving.

Wall Street Journal Says ‘Erase America’

Does it really need to be explained, that “open borders” is a terrible idea, and that any attempt to actually put it into practice would be fatal to our country?

What business do idiots like that have, publishing a magazine?

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me to see how many people are so concerned about appearing PC. It is the last thing in the world I would want to be.

  2. Joe Biden when President promises to let 2 million Latinos into America, then after that 2 million more because a wealthy nation as our can take care of them. WHAT??? The U.S. is 20 Trillion dollars in debt. We already have 1/3 of El Salvador living here. WSJ loves low paying labor for they keep the cost of having employees down and ups the profit of Big Business.

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