‘Why College Students Are So Childish’ (2015)

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Believe it or not, he’s 36 years old!

The reason for this, I would’ve said offhand, is that that’s the way our evil godless rulers want ’em. But there is a scientific explanation!

Why College Students Are So Childish

I wonder if the plan is to get literally everyone into college and keep them there for as long as they live, while robots do all the work. Imagine–“higher education” that goes on and on until you die.

What use these lifelong students will be to anyone, well, that’s a puzzler.

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  1. LOL. I thought he was older! It was you who said what comes after college is “more college.” Keeping Americans in college also keeps them out of the jobs market, while foreigners fill them at cheaper wages (which we subsidize as a “living wage”) and without corporate paid benefits (which the taxpayer pays). It’s also a fail safe in case indoctrination didn’t work or propaganda missed its mark.

  2. These of the “labor force” are also the ones who murder, steal, rape and commit all kinds of mayhem. Great asset, eh?

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