So Much for That

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Well, it turns out I have a Firefox problem, no trouble-shooting techniques worked, the WordPress engineer can’t fix it from his end, so now I’ll have to switch over to Chrome, where my page still appears to be normal. Until the gremlins find it.

I’m supposed to be taking down our Christmas tree, ha, ha. Ever notice how time passes two or three times as fast, when you’re lost in the computer maze?

At least the laptop still works. For now. Until the gremlins find it.

Has the Far Left Crazy found a way to put a hex on me?

13 comments on “So Much for That

    1. By the way, your aversion to lizards–well, as someone who has loved and kept lizards for most of his life, I don’t get it. My iguana was like a dog or cat, my fence lizards had lovely babies (all the eggs hatched), and my wall lizards were like living jewels. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or wrong or anything like that; but you’re missing out on something nice.

      P.S.–I mailed your prize a few days ago. Have you gotten it yet?

    2. I am really just in shock right now! {mouth dropped, gasping, and staring into the screen} I’m sorry, but have it your way! There, I was nice. 😉

      No, I’ve been so eagerly waiting for it. I hope it comes in today…. everyday, I get home from work and run to my mom’s room saying “Did my book come in the mail!?” She said it didn’t, but yeah, I really can’t wait! I will let you know when it comes for sure!

  1. Yes because we gave the left the means to do it. I don’t mind asking dumb questions about computer tech. In fact, I’m kinda proud of it. I can avoid the confusion while maintaining my sense of logic. I don’t have Firefox; don’t need it; and don’t know what it is. There, I said it and I feel so much better. Struggle on my masochistic friends while I sit here reading articles that I can respond to and enjoying myself. Ignorance is bliss, indeed.

    1. If you mean Google Chrome, then I have it too. My doctor says I should take 2 aspirins and call him in the morning.

    2. I’m so glad you said that. You’re in the internet business. You need it. I’m not. Yet I still have things from lefties I probably don’t need. The problem is that I know less than the person telling me I need something. That’s how Chrome got on my computer. I don’t use it – I think…?

    3. Unknowable says it’s pretty good, lefties notwithstanding, and I reckon he knows what he’s talking about.

      It’s hard for me. The average hamster is more tech-savvy than I am.

  2. I wish I could get back all the time I have spent hassling computers and printers – they are blood boilers alright. I use Chrome, it works the best on my computer. A good free browser is “Bravo” – it blocks the ads.

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