‘The Vindication of Joseph’

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When I was a little boy, the story of Joseph scared me, but good. His brothers stuck him in a hole and sold him as a slave, and then he was thrown into jail for something that he didn’t do. What if it happened to me?

R.J. Rushdoony touched upon a key element in the story of Joseph, in this essay reprinted first in 2007.


It’s easy to waste a lot of your life, he warned, brooding over past injustices and vainly trying to win back what you’ve lost. Joseph never did get compensated for the injustices he’d suffered. He was too busy saving Egypt. “Trust in God’s ultimate and unswerving justice,” Rushdoony wrote. It’s the only real justice there is.

But God pity us! We’ve made a whole way of life out of obsessing over past injustices, some indeed long past, and demanding…um… “reparations.” Doesn’t seem to matter how long past, or who was actually affected.

Happiness and peace of mind–the world knows how to avoid attaining it.

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  1. Joseph was vindicated by what he did after being released. To this day, the Channel of Joseph exists, a remnant of diversion project believed to have been conceived by Joseph in order to prepare Egypt for its 7 lean years.

  2. God is the Judge – no getting around it. By His grace He has given us His Law. As long as we abide in Him, living within the boundaries of His laws, we are pleasing in His sight, and from His perspective we are prospering. The abundant life is not so much in outward possessions as in an inner dynamic relation to the Lord Who created us and has adopted us into His eternal family – WOW!!

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