Cats with Humans’ Toys

You just know you’re gonna grow up to have a hard life, if your cat beats you at table hockey.

Look at the fun cats can have with people-toys, when there are no paper bags or cardboard boxes–or purses left open–available.

I wish they’d play chess, though. Nobody to play it with, around here.

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  1. What a life! Imagine that there are tablet computer video games just for cats. ๐Ÿ™‚ My Siamese has been known to play that very game, but Iโ€™m usually able to beat her score.

    1. All the pawns are on the 2nd rank.
      Rooks go in the corner and the knights next to them. Bishops are next, then the queen and king.
      White always goes first.
      Pawns can move 2 spaces in front of them, the rooks can go straight above and across. Bishops go diagonal…. etc….

    2. Good, you know the rules. How about the general principles?
      But of course, when I learned chess, I learned it from other kids and never heard a word about any general principles. We played for fun, and over the years, a lot of the general principles came naturally.

    3. Stuff like standard openings, how to control the center of the board (whether up close or from a distance), the safest location for your King, and how to keep it safe–that sort of thing. Again, it might be a stupid question.

    4. Uhhh uhhh! Okay. I’m taking my position on chess to pre-beginnger!
      I kind of know what you’re talking about, but it’s hard to write out instead of explaining in person.

    5. There are sites where they give you three days to move–, if it still exists–so the time difference isn’t a problem.

    6. I’m glad it still exists. I had a lot of fun there. You might still be able to find some of my games in the archives. Betcha they only kept the ones I lost.

    7. Is Chess for Dollars still in business? Do you have an account there? And just now I’m tearing my hair out with another stupid WordPress problem.

    8. The site’s still there, but I don’t have an account there yet. I hope your problem with WordPress will get fixed!

    9. Breaking news: I’m now officially in the game! ๐Ÿ˜„๐ŸŽ‰ In the internet chess world into which I have newly entered, I am known as JoMaS. I hope that’s not too weird, but I like it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    10. Yeah where is he?

      Just so you know, I’ve still been watching your new youtube videos, but as of now, youtube comments have been acting up with me, so as soon as that’s resolved… I can comment.

    11. You have to mark all your videos as “Not Made For Kids,” that way the comments will come back hopefully. It will be faster if you bulk edit.

    12. Hi, Lydia–I think this is how you do it, now that you both have user accounts. 1) Log in. 2)go to “Challenges. 3) Go to the “Create A Challenge” page and enter Joshua’s user name in the appropriate place, and click the parameters you want to use (time allowed for moves).

      Given that almost everyone on earth is better at computers than I am, you ought to be able to do that easily enough.

    13. Better check–but as far as I know, yes. I played lots of games there for free, it never cost me anything. The “dollars” are imaginary.

      But always check! Because I haven’t been there for a few years, and they might have changed some things.

    14. Once you both have accounts and want to play a game together, you can set it up so that each player has, for instance, three days in which to post a move.
      I don’t remember how to get started, but there should be instructions there.

    1. Children and pets are a wonderful combination. Whenever I see kids and pets together, I feel as as I’m seeing something very special. Children have a natural affinity for their pets and pets seem to be very well suited to interacting with children. The thing I love the most is that children seem to drop all pretense when playing with pets. They are completely natural in that situation. I think it’s one situation in which we see things closer to the way God intended.

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