Watch Canada: It’ll Be Our Turn Next

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If you want to see what’s in store for our country if Democrats ever regain possession of the government, just look north to Canada.

On June 1 the Canadian government will try Christian activist Bill Whatcott for “willful promotion of hatred” and attempt to send him to prison (

What was his… “crime”?

In 2016 Whatcott and some of his friends–he has resisted much pressure to identify them–infiltrated a “pride” parade, putting on silly costumes and calling themselves “the Gay Zombies.” During the parade, they handed out some 3,000 flyers describing–accurately–assorted “gay lifestyle” health consequences, along with Bible verses.

First the LGBT groups hit him with a lawsuit for–you’re not going to believe this–$104 million. Their purpose was to shake down “wealthy right-wing donors” and scare them off supporting Whatcott’s activities. The suit died when it became clear that there were no wealthy right-wing donors.

So the next step was a criminal charge. “Law enforcement,” Herod’s men, issued a nationwide warrant for Whatcott’s arrest, a measure usually employed in connection with major crimes like murder and racketeering. Whatcott gave himself up, was subjected to an extraordinarily rigorous bail hearing, and finally released–although he is not allowed to leave the country. (I would, but he is made of sterner stuff.) He has also retained the services of reputedly the top defense lawyer in Canada, who doesn’t agree with Whatcott’s message but thinks free speech is worth fighting for.

What do you think would happen if there were a Christian parade and a “gay” activist infiltrated it to hand out fliers for, say, a Drag Queen Story Hour? If the story made it into the nooze, he’d be the toast of the networks. Democrat politicians would elbow each other out of the way for photo ops with him. He would certainly not be charged with any kind of crime, or sued, or face a prison sentence.

Are Christian parades still legal? They took away my home town’s hundred-year-old annual Christmas parade. Maybe there are no Christian parades for “gays” to infiltrate.

Bill Whatcott faces prison for calling a sin a sin. Hmm… Envy is a sin. What if he wrote and spoke against envy? Well, nothing at all would happen because the sin of envy has not metastasized into a tyrannical political bloc.

Bill Whatcott has shouldered the burden of defending the right to proclaim God’s word. It’s a very bad business that a defense should even be necessary.

Pray for him, make his sacrifice widely known; and be always prepared to stand for religious freedom here.

8 comments on “Watch Canada: It’ll Be Our Turn Next

  1. The reasons we do NOT want to be tethered to Canada or Mexico via the NAU “treaty” are mounting up to a pinnacle. This is just one of them. And this isn’t the first time Canada has expressed its capacity for great injustice against those who question what Canada considers the only justice – social justice. Follow your neighbor, follow the crowd, collectivism will rule and laws will silence you. Manifesto?

    1. I’ve been covering Canada’s kangaroo-court “human rights” establishment for years. They have no meaningful concept of liberty in Canada.

    2. And we’re losing ours. And there’s no point in trying to change things, or even lamenting about them because It Is Written and we’re well on our way towards that prophecy being fulfilled. What – maybe 4 more years?

    3. They just don’t get close enough to feel my arrows. It’s easier for you, you’re a writer, a blogger, novelist, have a readership, and influence a lot of people. Me, I just share what you and other fine journalists write, quote you, add my little comments, and wait for the next anticipated issue to hit me straight in the face. Maybe I should just watch comedies, eat junk food, and laugh. Always?

    4. Marlene, I can’t write if no one reads it. Think of me as a spear in your hand. All the readers on this blog are part of the effort. I don’t mean that as a metaphor: we are in this together, all of us. I’m only a spokesman, and I give thanks that I’ve been chosen for that role.

      I would still have to do it even if no one were behind me, strengthening, encouraging, and pushing me. But it wouldn’t be much fun.

      Remember Corinthians Chapter One: God just absolutely loves to use little weak things to cast down those that are great and mighty. He can do that all day and still enjoy it.

    5. “God just absolutely loves to use little weak things to cast down those that are great and mighty.” Amen. Even tho i’m so much “littler.”

  2. This story is so depressing. It reminds me of how depressed I became last night watching the documentary “Life After Hitler,” and how the inhumanity of man continued in WWII’s aftermath in Europe. And then Truman let Stalin have eastern Europe.

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