‘Some Puzzling Facts’ (2016)

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I’m still mystified as to why no one liked the Edsel.

I would like to open this discussion to everyone: what are some of the things that really puzzle you?

Some Puzzling Facts

Like, how come the more a politician preaches socialism and “equality,” the more fabulously wealthy he is? Did socialism make him rich?

Or, whenever any product is pitched to us as “New! Improved!”, how come it’s never as good as it used to be?

But you can think of as many of these as I can.

9 comments on “‘Some Puzzling Facts’ (2016)

  1. Give a man some power and a position and he almost always uses it for his own purposes and in his own interests. Walking backwards is progress. Things are not what they seem because they tell us they’re not. Again, without the strength of faith we’re all weak.

  2. Why do people still think that get-rich-quick schemes will work?

    How did 50 Shades of Grey ever become popular?

    How did anyone ever think that the clothing and hairstyles of the 80s were a good idea?

  3. “ In a game of chess, when you are able to move either the one rook or the other, why do you always move the wrong one?”

    I’m not a great chess player, but I’ve always wondered about this phenomenon.

  4. How did the cat that you just spent half an hour unsuccessfully searching the whole house for suddenly appear just now in the middle of the living room floor?

  5. Why is the logo for the “Yellow” Truck line orange? I always feel like I’m in a 1984 brainwashing situation when I am forced to follow one of these trucks down the highway.

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