Bloomberg Wants to Tax the Poor

He’s rich as Croesus, he’s running for president… and he wants to raise your taxes.

Dig former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one of the richest men in the world, gassing about how taxing the poor will make them live longer: “Higher taxes should have a bigger impact on their behavior.”

See, if you raise their taxes, then they won’t be able to buy sugary sodas and fast food, they won’t get obese–and heck, they’ll probably take all that money they used to spend on Bad Stuff and spend it on Good Stuff, like (heh-heh) “education.”

The choice, he says, is simple: “taxes or life.”

Mike, it’s only going to seem longer.

How about this? Take all their money in taxes, and have the government buy all that God Stuff for them. Bloomberg is a Democrat, of course, so he’ll probably think that’s a neat idea.

Hat tip to WOR’s Mark Simone, who posted this bit of Bloombergism on his site today.

Wanna be controlled? Mayor Mike’s the guy to do it.

4 comments on “Bloomberg Wants to Tax the Poor

  1. We have made it thus far in life without his expert guidance, and I think we can do just fine the rest of the way.

  2. Remember how geniuses like Al Gore and Barak Hussein Obama said we should restrict oil exploration and raise the price of gasoline sky high to stop global warming. The along came Trump who made the USA energy independent and has kept the price of gas low.

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