Oops–‘Disaster’ for Dems in Iowa

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I had to go to the eye doctor this morning, and I’m back now, but the results of yesterdays Iowa Democrat caucus still aren’t in.

Last night an unidentified NBC Nooze panelist was heard to remark, on a live microphone, “Oh my ***, what a ****ing disaster!” (http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3813527/posts)

So who won? We haven’t yet been told. Meanwhile, let me make a prediction–one that doesn’t require any crystal ball or Tarot cards. Here goes:

If it turns out that socialist wack-job Bernie Sanders won in Iowa, and won big, then from now until the national convention, the remaining Democrat candidates are going to pour it on, trying to out-crazy one another. They’re going to go so far to the left, they’ll be out of the galaxy.

And there’s going to be some dirty pool played at that convention, the like of which has not been seen in our lifetimes.

10 comments on “Oops–‘Disaster’ for Dems in Iowa

  1. What you see in this is a cadre of people who constantly cheat and lie trying to present a primary as honest when they have (probably) already decided who will be the winner. Unfortunately for them, it is very hard to “play act” the desired result once you open it up to the votes of people who aren’t in on the cheat! Now they have to figure out how to get around the votes of the Bernie followers (and, believe me, he’s NO bargain!) to arrive at what at least appears to be a legitimate candidate in 2020! Probably Hillary is going to have to step in as she did in 2016 and run again.

    1. We’re reading the same tea leaves, Valerie.
      BTW, I went to my county Democrat convention in 1972, and it was the crookedest thing you ever saw. The McGovernites had already taken over in a very quiet coup, and they stage-managed the convention to give them everything they wanted, at everyone else’s expense.

  2. No matter what Democrat wins in Iowa it’s going to be hotly contested just because of the the way it’s been ran. I expect to see lots of in-fighting.

    I too am concerned how far left the Democrat part has gone and is going. Especially when the pendulum swings back the other way as it invariably will. The only way we can get them to abandon these far leftist views is if they keep losing at ballot box. And it has to be a big enough loss so that it hurts.

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