Dogs & Their Toys

Please excuse the almost indescribably awful music that accompanies these otherwise amusing videos.

Some of these toys seem to have been purposely designed to agitate dogs. A few dogs refuse to be agitated. And don’t miss the dog who firmly locks himself into his crate to escape the annoying rubber chicken.

6 comments on “Dogs & Their Toys

  1. Pretty cute. The only toy our Aussie seems to care for are the hard plastic bones that she can chew on, and that she likes to catch out of the air. She is very good at that; making some incredible catches.

  2. It’s funny how particular dogs are with toys. Our two morkies have opposite tastes. One loves rubber squeaky bones and playing fetch. The other thinks fetch is dumb. He just gives you a look that says, “If I bring that back, all you’re going to do is throw it again. Go get it yourself.” He plays with a long, soft, squeaky racoon, three times his size. They are besties. When he carries it around, it trails on the floor beside him like a giant moustache. 🙂

    1. My cat Missy lived for playing fetch with pipe cleaners. If it was really early in the morning and I was still in bed–too bad!

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