8 Indicted for Funneling Illegal Foreign Funds to Dems

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When’s it going to be his turn to be impeached?

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Dirty money! Where would our politics be without it?

The U.S. Attorney General has indicted eight persons for cooking up schemes to funnel foreign money–it’s illegal–to a very long list of high-profile Democrats (Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton of course, Cory Booker, et al) and “almost every Democratic state organization and many super PACs” (https://washingtondailynews.today/bill-barr-indicts-8-for-illegally-funneling-foreign-money-to-adam-schiff-and-multiple-dem-senators/).

Is that what they mean when they babble about being “citizens of the world”?

Does pouring in illegal foreign money count as “tampering with the election”?

To what degree have these foreign donors bought the Democrat Party? To what degree do they own it?

Watch closely. This isn’t a story that our free and independent nooze media are going to shout from the housetops.

7 comments on “8 Indicted for Funneling Illegal Foreign Funds to Dems

  1. We’ve got foreigners in our government. We’ve got foreigners funding our government. We’ve got foreigners running our government. Makes me wonder why we’re paying our government $4.8 trillions a year??? For what – what’s left, besides the military and that’s not for us anyway.

    1. “All” being the operative word here. We the people don’t even have each other these days. And thank you God for Trump, and another 4 years to get our gospel together, before it hits the fan.

  2. The MSM drives any rational person bonkers. The DNC are the ones who influenced the last Presidential election with foreign money and input, and yet the MSM goes on and on for over two years how Donald Trump is the one doing it. Then when they are proven wrong, no apologies or rewrites, but only jumping onto the next lie that Trump tried to use the president of Ukraine to interfere in the coming election.

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