‘Literary Crimes’ (2015)

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I read a lot of fantasy, and a lot of it is poop. That’s usually because it’s full of literary crimes.

Literary Crimes

The Know-It-All Elf and The Invincible Female Warrior–what would certain writers do for characters, if they didn’t have these worn-out cliches to fall back on?

Then there’s crazy dialogue. There’s only one thing worse than long passages of speech written in what the author images to be dialect. That’s long passages of speech in which the author wanders in and out of dialect.

The mystery of it all! We wouldn’t know these cliches for cliches if they weren’t crammed into books that actually got published–thousands of ’em.

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  1. We watch TCM channel movies. The older ones like “The Thin Man” series have little background music in them because the emphasis is on the dialogue. Today’s movies over use the background music, although intense scenes are often better with the music. The biggest cliche in modern literature and movies is the “F”-word used as often and in as many ways as possible. As soon as a movie resorts to this its time to change the channel or go find something to read that doesn’t appeal to the devil.

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