Real Pets vs. Fake Pets

You’d think a dog, a cat, a parakeet, or an iguana could tell these toy animals, regardless of how realistic, aren’t real. But all of them react as if they were.

The only creature my iguana ever attacked was a cat whose intention was to climb onto my bed and poo on it. As it was his bed, too, he was not about to let her do that. With all other cats and dogs, he was ready to make friends.

I wonder what my cats would do if I brought in one of those big stuffed tigers…

6 comments on “Real Pets vs. Fake Pets

  1. That barking dog brought our dog running from the living room to the computer room. she was all big-eyed and came and laid her head on
    my lap, then looked out the window to see if it was coming from outside.
    I had to mute the sound before she went nuts.

    1. If you know how to read iguana body language, that was a highly cheesed-off lizard. I would guess he was friends with the cat, but wasn’t going to let the get get in his way.

  2. I have a stuffed snow leopard about the size of the stuffed tiger. I use it as a lap cushion to prop up books that I’m reading. My cat thinks it’s HIS cushion. He kneads it like a pillow and likes to sleep with his head resting on it.

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