School District Adopts ‘Kinder’ Grading System

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Don’t you wish this was a satire? But I assure you that it isn’t.

A school district in Madison, Wisconsin, has gotten rid of old-fashioned letter or number grades and replaced it with a new grading system that’s supposed to be “kinder” to students ( It’s certainly less informative to parents–and school tax payers.

So no more A, B, C, etc. Instead, it’s going to be EX for “exceeding expectations,” M for “meeting expectations,” DV for “developing understanding,” and E for “emerging” into understanding.

No more excellence, and no more failure. No more mediocrity, either. But heck, you don’t want those mean old grades that hurt kids’ feelings! So much better to cast every child’s performance in the best possible light! Besides, giving out grades was “racist.” So much nicer and un-racist to just shuttle them through 13 years of public school without them learning anything at all. Like, how smart do you have to be to live on welfare and vote for Democrats?

So the parent can’t tell, now, whether his kid is getting the material or not. Shut up and pay.

Was it the worst idea we ever had, as a nation, to allow teachers’ unions? It’s certainly in the running for that honor.

8 comments on “School District Adopts ‘Kinder’ Grading System

  1. Of course, pretty soon everyone will figure out that the new system is just like the old, except the letters are different and there are only four grades instead of five.

    1. Good point. No failure. Just push them out as the dummies the State wants them to be. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to let “emergers” skip grades.

  2. The more subjective the grading, the less control over its accuracy and fairness. ‘Cause I said so…

  3. To me teaching is when the teacher conveys what they know deeply with their students, heart to heart. That is old school now. Teachers just do what they are told and are to let machines do all the teaching. P.S. That knowing things deeply is a stumbling block.

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