Atrocity in Canada

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A Canadian court has ordered a father not to question or even discuss his 14-year-old daughter’s, er, decision to have “sex-change” treatments with drugs and hormones ( See the “Mass Resistance” article for details and an interview. By the way, the father could be tossed into prison for giving that interview.

He has been warned by the court that failing to use the child’s preferred pronoun (aka “misgendering”), or discussing the case at all, with anyone, would constitute “family violence,” a crime that carries a prison sentence.

See what leftids do with words. Now you can be guilty of “violence” without laying a hand on anyone. Now it’s “violence” if you fail to say what they want you to say.

Another issue comes to mind. If “gender fluid” sex-change-yatta-yatta is so self-evidently good, so productive of good things for society… why would the court find it necessary to issue a gag order? This applies to the, ahem, nooze media, too–except for when they publish editorials celebrating this wise and humane decision.

The girl’s parents are divorced, and divorce can be unbearably stressful for the children of the marriage.

The father is almost certain that his daughter’s “counselors” in school put her up to this. Started working on her, it seems, when she was still in early grade school. And at no time were the parents ever notified about their child’s supposed “gender confusion”. Not until the kid started acting it out at home. Then it was too late.

The father says sodomite activists and “allies”–another word that has been debauched by leftids–worked on the mother until they brought her around to their way of, uh, thinking.

This raises an urgent point. If your children are in public school, get them out of there! Public education has become dangerous to children. Having very few children of their own, Organized Sodomy buddies up with Far Left teachers’ unions to turn the schools into indoctrination factories. They don’t need to have their own children. They just take over other people’s children.

There is no such thing as “transgender.” It is a fiction foisted on society by Far Left Crazy, with the aid of the teachers’ unions, addle-pated “educators” in the looniversity, and assorted villains in the entertainment industry. There is no benefit from it. Maybe it can impose enough chaos on society to allow a truly totalitarian government to take over.

This is all a satanic enterprise. And if we don’t stop it, God will.

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  1. There is no such thing as the LBGT community. Lesbians don’t like gay men, and vice-a-versa, and neither of them like bi-sexuals. And all three want nothing to do with transgenders. There is no community except in the minds of propagandists.

    1. All this truly crazy bullschiff is really starting to scare me. It’s getting so that every day features at least one item of news that one shouldn’t be expected to believe.

      Public education is not the public’s friend.

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