Mr. Nature: Like a Hippo, Sort Of

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A pair of Coryphodons, painted by Charles R. Knight

Jambo! Mr. Nature here, with another safari into the past.

Coryphodon is another prehistoric animal that isn’t around anymore, although many fossils of it have been found throughout North America and elsewhere. It was similar to a hippopotamus, although somewhat smaller. Scientists calculate it weighed a bit more than half a ton.

To me, the interesting thing about this creature is that it used to live on Ellesmere Island–almost at the North Pole. Here’s what Ellesmere Island looks like today–in the summer. In the winter it’s all just snow and ice.

Image result for images of ellesmere island landscape

But scientists tell us that Coryphodon’s environment on Ellesmere Island was one of “warm swamp forests of huge trees.” Eh? Well, they’ve dug up the plant fossils that certainly give that impression.

It would be hard to imagine a more radical climate change than this. What could have caused it? It wasn’t SUVs and toilet paper, air conditioning, or people not living like 10th-century Scottish peasants.

The earth is the Lord’s, and He does with it what He will. Let’s not give ourselves airs and claim we do these things.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Thinking we can do the things the Lord does is the beginning of folly.

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