Urgent! Historical Note!

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Research by Ms. Violet Crepuscular reveals that Lord Jeremy Coldsore’s great-great-grandnephew, once removed, is now permanently removed.

In fact, this descendant of the Scurveyshire nobility, Mr. Genghis MacShoy, was the last person in Britain executed by a circular firing squad, in 1957–having been found guilty of posing as the Prince of Wales and trying to sell off royal property.

As usual, several members of the firing squad were seriously wounded. This led to the abolition of this particular means of execution.

“That never used to happen when they did it with crossbows,” mused the deer queen.

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  1. LOL – priceless! The picture looks like a Guantanamo Formation. The poor Prince, the deer Queen, and the stuff. Is there a part 2?

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