My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 27 (‘The News You Won’t Believe’)

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What piece of the government is this one in charge of?

The nooze we hear every day is getting to be hard to believe. Really! We don’t want to believe that powerful people who run our institutions are as crazy as bedbugs. But that may be unfair to bedbugs.

The News You Won’t Believe

So here are three of the most bizarre stories that the nooze cycle spat up last week; and they’re only a sample. You can surely think of more.

8 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 27 (‘The News You Won’t Believe’)

  1. Unfortunately, I believe these outrageous news stories. NYC is turning into lawless epicenter… it’s like watching a slow train crash but speeding g up quickly.
    These are stories we hate to but need to hear.
    Press on brother!

    1. I do find it very hard to understand why these things are happening. It’s what people should with certainty expect to happen, whenever they elect a leftist–and then they go out and do it anyway!

  2. Whenever Bernie Sanders is called out for supporting Cuba or Venezuela, he says no, he is talking about the socialism of Denmark, but the leader in Denmark says they are a free market economy. If Bernie gets the nomination, it will be great sport watching him get vetted for all his weird beliefs through the years. It might be as entertaining as watching Joe Biden debate.

  3. I still can’t believe the news that our nation is becoming, state by state it seems, more tolerant of the idea that a child born alive after a botched abortion is allowed or rather helped along to die. I can’t believe that this monstrosity of an act is even discussed as part of women’s health issues.

    1. Every single Democrat candidate is radically in favor of unrestricted abortion. They call it “women’s health.”

      I don’t know why decent people don’t hate them and drive them out of business.

    2. Well, I’m never voting for any Democrats. I encourage others also not to vote for them. Voting for them is a scary thing. “Hands that shed innocent blood” are an abomination to the Lord. Want no part of shedding innocent blood. I just can’t believe that our Congress is needing to create bills to protect these innocent lives. Protecting a baby’s life used to be a given. Now it’s whatever the pregnant woman chooses. We are repeating the mistakes made around a hundred years ago with euthanasia becoming a normal part of life in Europe. With doctors being desensitized by euthanasia it was only a matter of time for the rise of eugenics, the Aryan Nation, Hitler, the Final Solution. And that’s where we are heading again.

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