Is This Cat Brave… or Crazy?

The keeper at the Staten Island Zoo reptile house told me that their alligators were quite tame, and that when it was time to move them outdoors in the summer, attendants just teamed up and toted them out by hand. But I’m sure there are any number of readers in Florida who aren’t buying the peaceful friendly gator thing.

Watch this cat square off against an alligator: and there are a couple of much bigger gators backing up the smaller one. We ain’t at the reptile house now, ol’ hoss!

4 comments on “Is This Cat Brave… or Crazy?

    1. If you can make out some of the faintly recorded background chatter, several people on the scene were acutely worried for the cat.

  1. What a cute bully, alligators are just huge lizards, somewhat. That alligator read the cat’s language & saw that smack coming just before the cat raised it’s paw.

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