Waiting Room TV (*sigh*)

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I had to accompany my wife to the doctor’s this afternoon, and sit in the waiting room with the TV. It’s just so awful. And even if it weren’t awful, you can make anything awful by interrupting it with commercials featuring goofy people dancing maniacally to horrible music. King Lear couldn’t survive that.

Then there was the show, in between commercials. Incredibly Diverse FBI SWAT team takes down murderous gang of evil white guys. I find it very hard to believe that FBI SWAT teams are staffed by hundred-pound twinkies with perfect hair who can easily flatten any 250-pound male villain foolish enough to challenge her. I also find it hard to believe that every major ethnic group is, in fact, represented in every SWAT team.

So the Asian-American good guy finally gets the upper hand of the loathsomely vicious top villain (who’s already killed several innocent people) and claps a judo choke hold on him–a real one, to my surprise: hadaka-jime, if you want to know–and is about to finish him off for good when one of the twinkies says, “Stop! You’re better than that!” Bruce Willis would’ve said “Not really,” and it’d be lights out for the bad guy. But Bruce Willis wouldn’t’ve been caught dead in this extravaganza. Ditto Denzel Washington. I am so glad Denzel doesn’t do TV. There are jobs for these guys in Obann, if they want ’em.

It’s not that contemporary commercial TV underestimates the viewers’ intelligence. Their position seems to be that the viewers have no intelligence at all.

And I am sure there are shows out there that make this one look like a Mensa entrance exam.


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  1. For a long time now, I have thought that if “people” from another planet looked in on this stuff, they would believe that white people, (especially male) were a small minority in this place. What ridiculous nonsense. Nobody seems to remember or be aware that it has been white men who have established and built this nation. With some help, of course, but they have been the most influential.

    1. But why? We used to make good TV shows. How did that become so difficult? Columbo. The Beverley Hillbillies. Wagon Train–just to name 3 of my favorites. These just wouldn’t happen today. Is it because PC has swallowed up all the writers and producers?

  2. Something has been swallowed up, that is certain. The younger generation now calls all the shows you mention corny, stupid, and etc. etc. I still much prefer them to the filthy junk that is called entertainment now. I won’t sit and watch this stuff. Once in awhile, my son buys a dvd of one of the old shows, and that helps.

  3. I feel the pain. It appears obama’s algorithms for Netflix translate to TV as well. I tried but couldn’t manage to watch Netflix the other day but after a few minutes each of a total of 12 videos, the same crap appeared that was on the TV-punishment you suffered in the waiting room. On a good note, I subscribe to Students for Life who have instituted an anti-toxic masculinity program called “Invictus Men’s Fellowship” – specifically designed to train male pro-life leaders “so they’re never afraid to stand up for the preborn against the culture of death that is trying to silence them.” Latin for unconquered, “our goal for the new Invictus Fellowship is to mold young men into strong pro-life leaders who are never afraid to stand up to the pro-abortion mob or Leftist professors who try to silence them.” Nice.

  4. So much social engineering in the media! After nearly 25 years of marriage, there’s nothing funnier than Ralph Kramden…bring back the Honeymooners!
    Away we go! 🙂

  5. There is an actor who recently spoke at Hillsdale College, Nick Searcy, who made the recent movie about the abortion doctor, Gosne.. He is leading a movement to create an alternative Hollywood. He says people like Robert DiNaro and Harrison Ford who curse publicly about Donald Trump are sending out the signal that if you want to be in their club you have to agree with them.

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