At Risk of Oblivion…

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If you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s because we are going to risk plunging into The Abyss and getting lost down there: which is to say, we have to try to install a new version of Firefox onto this computer. My contribution to this technological feat will be to go outside and smoke a cigar.

I’m always afraid how these things will turn out. What new things will be wrong with it? What new problems will the new version surprise us with?

[Drum roll] Well, here goes nothin’….

One comment on “At Risk of Oblivion…”

  1. Some people learn from school. Some people learn by experience. You’ve certainly had enough experience with your compusore to overcome your lack of formal education on the subject. So, I figure once you get over the humongous impertinence of your machine’s intransigence, you’ll be back in business sooner than expected. Unless it has a “virus” – lol

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