You Can’t Keep This Badger Penned

(Note: Our friend Erlene, who once had a badger for a pet, is all right, but has a lot she needs to do for her son; and her computer’s not working up to snuff. Let us keep her in our prayers.)

Here’s a South African conservation team trying everything they can think of to keep their honey badger inside his enclosure. They can’t! He’s really much too smart for them. The only thing he doesn’t know how to do is forge papers.

4 comments on “You Can’t Keep This Badger Penned

  1. My Wisconsin friend says badgers are mean. When I worked as a bellman at the Disneyland Hotel when in college, they nicknamed me “Badger,” so I had my name badge read “Badge.” I had a lot of fun with the guests wondering about my name as I escorted them and their luggage in the elevator to their room.

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