What to Do While You’re Stuck

(From Andrea Schwartz’s Facebook page)

Image may contain: possible text that says 'While in quarantine, Shakespeare wrote King Lear. While in quarantine, Isaac Newton developed calculus and discovered gravity. While under house arrest, Paul wrote part of New Testament. While in prison, John Bunyan wrote Pilgrim's Progress. Consider what kingdom work you could do while staying home.'

To this list we must add Sir Thomas Malory, who, while in prison, wrote the Morte D’Arthur–the first book printed in the English language, and still in print today.

Just because you’re stuck at home and can’t go to a ballgame doesn’t mean you’re stuck doing nothing. You don’t have to write a new book of the Bible; but now you have time to read it. And talk about it with your family.

We can use this time constructively, if we put our minds to it.

12 comments on “What to Do While You’re Stuck

  1. I’m not stuck at home, although today is the quietest day since the “attack” began. There’s a house being built across the street and no one is there. They were there Saturday, working. Kids come out and play on the block later in the day. The Dollar Store and supermarket have most of what I need, but less choices. However, I’ve noticed that choices began disappearing the last couple years – less variety on the shelves than the years before. I need to read Revelation again. But all I want to do is watch movies and forget everything I have no control over. Besides, i’m stewing over the Army being active on US soil and can’t get over it, which makes my mind less conducive to constructive.

    1. My job includes supporting remote workers. We have always had some, but now we have quite a few more. This means that we have to take a system provisioned for 250 workers, and make it capable of handling over double that amount. It’s not as easy as changing one setting, basically, we have to re-engineer that whole network, which is tricky because if we make any changes literally everyone will get kicked off, and we can’t let that happen for even a second. So we are having to build an entirely new remote access VPN (the kind of network which lets you work remotely) in record time. It’s actually up and running now, but we have a few details left before we can migrate workers to it.

    2. That’s a lot of interesting responsibility, which you’re obviously up for, and which, I sense, you enjoy. I have things to do but nothing I have to do, and I don’t mind. Stay busy. Stay safe. And thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve been celebrating our daughter’s 50th birthday for three days now. She goes home tomorrow so I guess I will have to do something else 🙂 She & I have been walking at our mall every morning and have the place almost to ourselves (a dentist and an optometrist only ones open).

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