‘The Biggest, Baddest Monster of Them All’ (2012)

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Not quite galley slaves, but getting there

I posted this in 2012, and five years later it sparked a lively discussion.

The Biggest, Baddest Monster of Them All

Of course, this was all before China launched its “social credit” regime, in which the government keeps tabs, 24/7, on each and every citizens. They keep a running score on you which fluctuates up and down, depending on what you say and do; and whether you are allowed to do certain things–like ride a bus, for instance–depends on your current score, as compiled by the government. And it’s all done by robots, so you can’t defend yourself, you can’t appeal–might as well argue with a chair.

Government is able to do things like that because it has too much money.

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  1. And meanwhile, the university where I taught is focused on far more important things (sarcasm). I just received notice from my old department that the Disabilities Studies Association conference has been moved online, and the title of the keynote address is: “Cripping Survival, Dreaming Disability Justice Futures.” If anyone can figure out what in the ever-loving blue-eyed world that means, please let me know.

  2. The Relief bill of $2.2 trillion is a good example – only the gov’t doesn’t have the money so they are borrowing it. Too bad our representatives don’t really represent us.

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