The Bodies Are on the Peapod Trucks!!!

Brooklyn Artists—Enter To Redesign Peapod Delivery Trucks - BKLYNER

The noozies’ latest left-wing narrative, which is already spreading like–well, like a virus!–is that “hospitals have refrigerator trucks full of dead bodies parked around back.”

Ah! But I have it on thoroughly impeachable authority that most of those tens of thousands of dead bodies coming each day out of our hospitals are being carted away on Peapod grocery delivery trucks!

“It’s been working like a charm so far,” said an idiot who has the papers to prove he’s an idiot. “So far, nobody has called the hospital, called their doctor, called the police, or called the funeral director to find out what’s happened to their loved ones. No supermarket employee has even noticed that the bodies are being stockpiled there. No one even dreams, when they see a Peapod truck in their neighborhood, that it’s carrying the dead.”

“This way,” he concluded, “the government can hide the truth–the fact!–that, because of Donald Trump, 710 million Americans have already died from the coronavirus. If you don’t see the bodies, you can’t count the dead.”


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5 responses to “The Bodies Are on the Peapod Trucks!!!

  • marlene

    The democrats figure if we’re dumb enough to vote for them, we’re dumb enough to believe everything they say, so they’re throwing all kinds of “un”believable things at us just for effect – and fun. After all, they’ve got almost half the country being pulled by their noses into liberal obedience. They’re on a roll. Hoping it’s downhill.

  • janowrite

    Thanks for some much needed levity …

  • unknowable2

    Sounds like a great explanation. I’ll be over as soon as I find my tinfoil hat. 🙂

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    It’s Soylent Green all over again! Why does a death from covid-19 count so much more than a death by the flu? A death is a death. I don’t wish either on anybody, but let’s not ruin our country over it. Now, if Joe Biden was in charge of all this we would be in a horror story reviling Stephen King’s “The Stand.”

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