New Milestone Comment Contest!

Is the Quokka a Real Animal?

G’day, everybody! Those quokkas up there in the picture are a few of the deans we’ve picked for Quokka University. From left to write, clockwise: Dr. Jimbo, Dean of Something or Other, Dr. Mimsy, Dean of Flattery, and Dr. Reggie, Dean of Play-Doh–every college needs a good supply of Play-Doh!

Lee has just told me he wants me to run another comment contest, like I don’t already have enough to do. This is a big one, though: we’re shooting for Comment No. 60,000! It takes my breath away, just thinking about it.

Just now we have 58,085 comments, so we need 1,915 more. Lee thinks he’s giving it plenty of lead time, but I dunno–something tells me we’ll hit 60,000 faster than he thinks.

And what about the prize? What’ll you win if you post No. 60,000? If it was up to me, it’d be a bicycle, or a ship–but I just work here, y’know? The guy wants to give out one of his books as the prize. I guess you can’t blame him. We’ll see–maybe I can talk him into something a little snazzier than that.

Anyway, let’s start the ball rolling with some sharp, witty, subcutaneous comments!

9 comments on “New Milestone Comment Contest!

  1. I agree about the Dean of Play-Doh! How about a Dean of Coloring Books? Now that’s right up my alley. Not sure about that last line in the post, though. Witty comments, yes, but “sharp” and “subcutaneous?” I don’t like those two words together – makes me think of the doctor’s office, alcohol rub smell, and needles. Or maybe it’s just me.

  2. Oh boy, another contest from Byron! Zip-a-dee-doo-dah!

    That reminds me… If Quokka U. needs another fighting song for one of its teams (play-doh modeling, maybe?), how about this line I remember from my benighted youth on the streets of the South Bronx: “Ishkas pishkas, hit ’em in the kishkas!” I wish I could remember the rest of the cheer. I’m sure it was just as silly — I mean inspiring.

  3. All right!! 60,000 is a super big number!!! I’m sure we can work together to reach that milestone!

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