‘Zillionaire to Build Robo-Nanny’ (2016)

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If people had the kind of ideas before they were rich like they dreamed up after they were rich, they never would have gotten rich.

Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg wants to build a robot to take care of his baby daughter. Honk if you think that’s a good idea.

Zillionaire to Build Robo-Nanny

Well, okay, sure–it’s a great idea for a 1950s science fiction/horror movie. But is it really, truly, hard to believe that sinful, foolish, uninformed, frightened, deluded human beings can’t create “intelligence” that’s wiser than themselves?

6 comments on “‘Zillionaire to Build Robo-Nanny’ (2016)

  1. The hubris of these people seems to know no bounds.

    Paul considered the riches of this world to be garbage (or worse) in comparison with the prospect the Bible holds out. Someday, perhaps soon, all of this claptrap will become meaningless and all of the money and effort wasted on such frivolous goals will be for nought.

  2. Leftists seem to have an aversion to babies.

    And yet they’re always wailing that their agenda items are “For The Children.”

    1. Satan also offered Him power over all the kingdoms of the world — i.e., globalism.

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