‘The Resurrection and the New Creation’

Stump the Rector – Saints, Resurrection and a New Heaven and Earth ...

Many of us can’t go, physically, to church on this Easter Sunday 2020. But we still could use a sermon. Let this teaching by Mark Rushdoony, from 2004, serve in that office.


It’s a fairly long sermon, so you don’t need a fairly long introduction from me. The point is made simply: “Christ’s resurrection insures our own (1 Corinthians 15: 12-27).” God has promised to make all things new–including us. But neither sin nor death will be found in the new heaven and new earth that He creates.

We won’t be floating around on the clouds, strumming harps. We will walk upon a new earth in our perfected, resurrected bodies, and Christ shall have dominion over all.

For the LORD hath spoken it!

6 comments on “‘The Resurrection and the New Creation’

  1. And Jesus will rule with an iron rod. I’m going over there to read it now. For Lee has spoken – lol.

    1. I’m glad you’re kidding. I’m just some guy in New Jersey, not a sage. People who have seen me play ping-pong are unimpressed.

    2. Ping Pong? Did you really say Ping Pong?? I am not unimpressed. I am concerned. Nobody says ping pong anymore. It reminds us of a pizza joint. Nonetheless, it sounds like you got your “some guy in New Jersey and not a sage” backwards.

  2. I love the thought of how we redeem the time in this life determines our place in the next one. Time is our most valuable commodity, and how the lost wile it away as if it were nothing at all. In our pastor’s sermon today, when he was exalting the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, He exhorted how when we are partaking of communion it is “the medicine of immortality” – I really like that.

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