‘Is This What You’re Afraid Of?’ (2013)

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Never mind “How did she get elected?” Who did she beat?

I wonder what became of this scheme to drive conservatives and libertarians out of New Hampshire.

Is This What You’re Afraid Of?

Freedom is fragile–as we’re seeing right now, as The Great Quarantine mutates into an experiment by our ruling class to see how much oppression we’ll take. There’s always some individual, some clever little group, some great big mob of loonies, or some other country that wants to take it away from us. This is a dynamic of our fallen world–one of those things that will not survive Christ’s Kingdom.

Meanwhile, at least recognize these freedom thieves for what they are.


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  1. “Is it just that nobody ever acts to stop it until it’s too late?”

    I think that gets it. Most Germans did not support Hitler, but they acted too late. Dennis Quaid stated in an interview yesterday “calls coronavirus ‘our World War II moment,’ predicts ‘spiritual awakening’ in America”. As tragic as this situation is, it may spur the creation of a moral compass in a generation which desperately is in need of one.

    We have had a robust economy for the last 3 years or so, but the young adults of today were raised in an environment where taking a stand over any moral issue was tantamount to heresy. The result has been a growing ennui and lack of purpose. (After all, even a constant stream of new smart-watches gets old, after a while.) The last few days have seen people standing up to measures they feel go too far and a call to limit government powers to what is allowed in the Constitution. This could be a turning point.

    1. When this is over–in fact, we could start now–America needs to define more clearly the limits of executive power, even in times of emergency.

      I’ll believe we’ve had a spiritual awakening when the drag queen story hour dries up and blows away.

  2. Last night on Tucker Carlson, the Governor of N.J. Murphey was on (believe it or not). When questioned if the governor considered the Bill of Rights when he shut down the State and people’s right to assemble to worship, he said no – that about says it all. Today, President Trump told the nation’s governors they can open their states if they so choose – hallelujah, because our Christian Governor will do it.

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