{Clever Headline Wanted}

Most animals don’t get their reflections in a mirror. They’re also confused by stuffed facsimiles of animals. Even parrots get fooled. And this video also features a koala.

Some of these stuffed animals look like the real thing. It must be embarrassing for a cat or a dog to discover that this weird creature he’s been threatening is only a dummy. Imagine chatting up somebody, only to discover, after several minutes of making a spectacle of yourself, that it’s only a dummy. Mustn’t be surprised if it fools the animals.

4 comments on “{Clever Headline Wanted}

  1. To an animal, anything that moves must be alive. So if it looks like a cat, doesn’t smell like a cat, but it moves, it must be alive. It looks like at least on of the cats figured out that it wasn’t going anywhere and used it for a pillow.

    The cockatoo was fun, raising his crest.

    I was amazed by how much the toy rabbit looked like a smaller version of the real rabbit.

    1. As a tadpole, he was bullied by a turtle and it hurt his self esteem. Unfortunately, the state run pond he lived in, had run out of Play-Doh and his Safe Space was invaded by other turtles; most likely Trump supporters.

      He is now in a government program to help frogs like him, drinking cocoa and wearing jammies all day, If that’s what he wants. Because frogs are know to actually change sex, he is planning a career, croaking on about Gender Studies at a nearby University. 🙂

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