When Cats Get Stuck

Well, heck, it can happening to anybody, getting your head stuck in a plastic bag. Or a tissue box. Or a sleeve of cookies. What I don’t get is the cat who gets stuck, the nice human comes along and frees him–and seconds later, he’s stuck again. They’re not all geniuses.

My poor Missy got her head stuck in a plastic bag loop once (I told her to leave it alone, but did she listen?) and turned into a furry rocket all around the apartment before I could catch her and let her loose. She never bothered with plastic bags ever again.

4 comments on “When Cats Get Stuck

  1. A few weeks ago, I was pretty certain that Armageddon had started, in my kitchen. As it turns out, my cat had caught her head in the loop of a plastic bag, but it truly sounded like Armageddon.

    1. Those loops’ll catch ’em every time. It’s even funnier when the victim is a human, but we don’t see that very often.

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