Censoring Ourselves

Butter Maiden Mia Isn't Racist [PHIL-OSOPHY]

“Mia the Butter Maiden” has graced the boxes of Land O’ Lakes Butter since 1928, almost a hundred years. But enjoy this image while we’ve got it, because it has just been censored to oblivion.

Yes, here we go, censoring ourselves again. We are told the image of Mia is “racist” and “sexist”–yeah, yeah, like what isn’t, these days? We are told the image is redolent of “sex trafficking.” And so Land O’ Lakes caves, lest some liberal killjoy slaps them with a lawsuit.

If that image bothered you that much, you probably need a psychiatrist.

But this is not the only now-forbidden packaging. For many years, Bigelow’s “Plantation Mint” tea (with real spearmint!) has been my favorite tea, set aside for enjoyment on the weekends. Here, take a look at the box while you still can.

Bigelow Plantation Mint Tea Bags - 20ct : Target

Because now it’s gonna be “Perfectly Mint.” This, says the company, “better reflects the perfect blend of American grown mint and tea.” Honk if you believe that.

You can’t say “plantation” anymore because of slavery, because even just seeing the word will trigger the most abject misery imaginable. We’re going to need more psychiatrists.

Really! Are people’s lives so cushy, so uneventful, that they go to pieces over trivia? Are we so lacking in real problems, that these ridiculous problems will just have to do? There is no more slavery (although there are still tea plantations). Well, okay, there’s still slavery throughout the Third World, but whose fault is that? And try as I might, I just can’t see how the innocent little Butter Maiden promotes sex trafficking.

Are we ever going to learn to ignore Social Justice crybabies?

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  1. My God! This is beyond ridiculous. I’ve see the Land O’ Lakes logo and that picture of Mia since some of my earliest memories. I can’t think of any way in which this would have influenced me in any way, with regard to any group of people.

    The name Land O’ Lakes refers to the upper Midwest and most likely Minnesota in specific, which is the state that has over 10,000 lakes. Minnesotans, at least in the past, we’re aware of the Native population of the state. To this day, the Ojibwe are a presence in the state. It was considered part of the state’s history and the symbols on Land O’ Lakes products never struck me, or anyone I had ever spoken to, as being meant in any disrespectful manner.

  2. Another is the Coppertone Girl for the suntan lotion company. Heaven forbid, it showed the tan line on the little girls rear end. We are fortunate the social warriors are taking these icons out of circulation, otherwise we would have to put our eye rather than enter into damnation (Hint: was that sarcastic enough for you?).

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