One of Our Psychos is Missing

Kim Jong Un is bringing his own toilet to the Koreas summit - CBS News

A “god,” eh?

So they have this “Day of the Sun” in North Korea, when they celebrate the divinity of the communist butchers who have terrorized their country since the 1940s. They’re gods now, you see. If you don’t worship them, the government kills you.

Anyhow, this day is a big deal in North Korea, sort of like the Fourth of July and Christmas rolled into one: and the current mad dictator, Kim Jong Un… is missing. He never showed up for the ceremony (

South Korean and Chinese sources deny that he’s dead or seriously ill. Maybe he had a routine heart operation. But given that Un himself is slated to become a god, once he shuffles off this mortal coil, it seems a funny time for him to be removing himself from the public eye.

It would be lovely if he emerged from hiding and said, “Hey, guess what! I’m not a god! And my great-grandpa and grandpa, they’re not, either. Y’know, I’ve been a pretty bad guy all my life: had a lot of people killed, and all. A little fat slob who likes to murder people–that was me.

“But look, I’m here to tell you: I repent! I hereby step down from my post as absolute monster dictator, and submit myself to judgment by whoever’s qualified. I can’t undo the harm I’ve done; but I can proclaim that there is a God in heaven, His son is Jesus Christ, and it’s Christ alone who can save me from being tossed into Hell.”

Communism is an evil relic of the 20th century and must be finally banished from the earth.


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  1. Some world leaders complain about communism but do nothing to take down the communist – one little tyrant who’s not all there anyway should not be missed. But war is…what did Bradley say war was? Well, anyway, it never solved anything because it was never meant to. Evil grows and grows while good is always trying to catch up. Are we really too busy to pay attention?

  2. In all those pictures of quarantined people in the Al Jazeera article nobody was social distancing and many did not wear masks. And they’re still blaming us. I’m very happy Trump took a stronger stand against immigration.

    1. I imagine Ann Coulter is rejoicing over the Immigration Ban – she has been yelling for one for years. Too bad it is temporary. Limbaugh was good today. He was mocking the Dems who say the lock down is needed even if it saves just one life, and he retorted by saying that the economy should be reopened if it saves just one life.

  3. I’ve been watching this with interest. The Chinese regime was having some problems before this SARS CoV2 outbreak and I don’t imagine that we’ve heard the last of the protests that were developing. Who knows about North Korea. I’ve always wondered if Kim Jong Un would last long, ever because of revolt, or because of being about double his healthy weight.

    This has been, and will continue to be, an interesting year.

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